Interview by BBC Brasil

'Brazilian is enchanted with European cities, but does not reproduce solutions here'

Photography by Daniel Katz.

On March 19, 2017, the website of BBC Brasil made available online the interview granted by Jaime Lerner to Néli Pereira, in São Paulo. The article addresses solutions to cities, the reluctance of the Brazilian to adopt solutions similar  similat to those used abroad and the experience of Curitiba.

BBC News – What should be done for this? For many people, cities have no solution.

Lerner – Innovation is not always technological. What is missing is innovation in the design of cities. There is a fashion today to talk about intelligence cities, smart cities, competitive cities and more. This is often just a gadget, that’s not what matters. Today, the three major problems of cities are still the same: mobility, sustainability and coexistence.

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*This paragraph has been translated from Portuguse

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