Mission and Goals

Jaime Lerner Institute


The Jaime Lerner Institute was created to raise positive awarenes of citie’s potential

Each city, no matter how big or small, can be a transformation agent. It´s example might reach it’s neighbors, generation a  domino effect and changing the country.

For that to become a reality, it is equally important to streghten local power and that the city managers be in charge of the change.

It is with this strategic view that the Jaime Lerner Institute – a non-profit, non-partisan entity- guides it’s actions. It helps give city offices the instruments they need for inovative administrations.



In general terms, these are our objectives:

  • To build a data bank of successful urban solutions, as to facilitate city administration access to vital city information. 
  • Motivate environmentally correct cities
  • Promote a permanent exchange between cities, as to disseminate good experiences and solutions,
  • Promote courses, debates, seminaries, conventions, congresses and publications on matters of cities and of the country, gathering Brazilian and foreigner specialists.
  • Awaken a strategic view of cities’ potential and promote the search for innovative solutions that may positively reflect in the lives of cities and of the country.